11 Tips for your first big date

Here we bring the top 10 tips to prepare for your big date. Some of these were taken from Jeff Wilson over at Date Smarter Guide which is a blog for men.

man and woman on date

1) Before your first meeting, before you even leave home, you must make sure you are on top. Are your clothes clean? Ironed? Are you shaved? Have you cleaned your nails, your teeth? Brushed your hair? We only have one chance to make a good first impression. So make sure you have done everything before going out.

2) If you dine at 8pm, be there at 8pm,or even a few minutes early! Punctuality is very important. It reveals your personality, organized, thoughtful? If you can not arrive on time, your appointment will be worried, and will doubt your involvement. If you know you will be late, or you can not be there, tell the person who is waiting for you. This is where the difference between single and adulterous encounters occurs. Your appointment surely does not have the same schedule as you. He / she has a wife (a husband), who is waiting for her a little later. If you are half an hour late, your meeting will be cut short and if you have a curfew yourself, talk to your arrival. The best solution is always to be on time to enjoy this meeting!

3) When you arrive,turn off your laptop, or put it in silent mode. There is nothing more impolite than a telephone ring, or worse, to answer in the middle of the meal or to send sms. If you must absolutely call, excuse yourself, go to the bathroom and discreetly make your phone call. That does not mean you can stay there for fifteen minutes! You also can not go to the bathroom every ten minutes (your appointment will then think you are not digesting anything!)

4) Be polite, and stay there all night long. Nobody likes someone rude or arrogant. Being condescending with the staff is the fastest method for the other person to quickly hate your company.

5) When the food arrives eat with a closed mouth. This rule has been well taught to most people during childhood, and to see an adult disobeying it and speaking with a full mouth at the entrance is almost sacrilege. Never do it! Finish your bite before expressing yourself.

Now that we have considered the basics of behavior, we will refocus on the conversation.

6) Do not be pissed off, you are an adult on an important date. Knowing how to hold a conversation is the sign that proves that you are an educated and intelligent person. Remember to listen to the girl, the conversation must be an exchange, not just a monologue. As the meeting progresses, you may begin to think that it is a traditional meeting. This is not the case ! Respect the other person’s privacy, check that you are compatible for an adventure, not for the life of a couple. Your family, children and home should not be part of the conversation.

7) Maybe we are a little old fashioned,but we still believe that men must pay the first outing, unless the woman really insists on doing it. This gesture, far from proving that women can not pay the bill, shows that man is gallant and mature. If a man asks the woman to pay, it is likely that he will never see her again. Note: Do not use your credit card! Unless you have a good reason to find you in this particular restaurant at this particular time, you are sure to get caught.

8) Do not drink too much! Nobody likes people who lose control, the risk is great to make bad impression.

9) If you are not very talkative,find in advance topics of discussion, there is nothing more embarrassing than silence during a first meeting, and you two looking at other couples around, more natural than you. It’s important to make eye contact with your appointment so that it feels unique.

10) One last thing, it is important to find common interests, so avoid discussing religion or politics, you may have different opinions. Leave these topics for later!

11) Masturbate before the date.  You don’t want to be on the date with a loaded gun. The girl will be able to sense the desperation and you will give off a needy vibe. We recommend using a Fleshlight (datesmarterguide.com/best-fleshlight-reviews) to help take the edge off.

Health Benefits Of Having A Pet

There is nothing more pleasant than an animal contact to give and to receive affection. Studies by the International Observatory of Welfare and the University of Cambridge have shown that when you spend time with a cat or a dog, or even a goldfish, you are happier and in better physical and mental health It is important, however, to carefully consider how much time and space you have to devote to a pet before adopting it because everyone has their own needs.

After reading this article on the benefits of owning a dog or a cat, you may think to go get your own pets.

Improve Mood:

If you spend 30 minutes with your dog, your brain will spread in your body chemical molecules related to happiness. Indeed, the level of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, hormones of love and social bond, increase considerably.

As for pet therapy with cats, it relieves a lot of depression. Owners of these little whiskers are less lonely and have higher morale than those who do not.

When you stroke an animal, your body produces oxytocin and you are therefore more relaxed, less stressed and in a better mood.

Pain Reliever:

Having a dog, a cat, birds, goldfish, etc. reduces the stress of teachers and has phenomenal psychological virtues. Happy owners are also less prone to depression and less isolated than others.

According to some studies, simply having a pet would drastically reduce the consumption of psychotropic drugs and reduce health expenses by more than half.

Stress Reliever:

If you spend 5 minutes with a dog, your level of cortisol, a stress hormone, decreases sharply. These benefits are so true that one study found that really tired people felt more relaxed by spending time with their dog than with their husbands.

This theory is also at work: a study has shown that people who take their dog with them to work experience a lower level of stress during the day than their colleagues who do not have animals and whose level of anxiety is very high.

Play Sports:

A study has shown that people who own a dog are in better shape because who says dog says walk. Having one will allow you to go out to get some fresh air, move around, run and play with him. All these small gestures contribute to regular physical activity and an easy and fun stalking of unwanted pounds.

In addition, going out to walk your pet is a great opportunity to socialize and chat with people you meet at the park, the beach, or your neighborhood.

Health Benefits:

When you stroke an animal, or watch a fish swim in an aquarium, your heart rate, and blood pressure drop significantly. A study has demonstrated the benefits of this relaxing activity on owners of a companion with hair or feathers.

Indeed, these people have fewer problems with hypertension, cholesterol, and triglycerides than others.

In addition, their chances of surviving a heart attack are higher.

The good news is that if you share your life with dogs or cats, you will not visit your doctor often and your heart will be healthier. A study has shown that people who own a cat are less likely to die of heart disease than those who live without.

Another found that dog owners were nine times more likely to be alive a year after a heart attack than those who do not.

So, what are you waiting for, gather a new member of your family now!