How Much Food to Feed Your Fish

Over-feeding is one of the biggest mistakes fish owners make. Giving excessive amounts of food blocks the filters, and allows the release of toxins that are harmful to fish. Follow the warnings on the package.
In nature, fish eat whenever they are hungry, and whenever their food is available. If it has many sources of food, it will also eat several times a day. On the other hand, if food sources are scarce, they can withstand food for several days. For this reason, the fish are quite adaptable and eat whenever they have a chance for it.

This means that they will eat even if they are not hungry, Keep this in mind the next time your fish is “begging” to feed them. Fish quickly learns who often brings food, and rises to the surface to pick it up, even if they are not hungry.

How often

Irrespective of their gullibility, the question arises as to how often they should be fed and what is the optimal amount of food. Generally, fish are

given one meal per day. However, some owners feed them at least twice. Whether you feed them once or twice a day, do not give them a large amount of food.

It does not matter what time you feed your fish; although the rule that there are no rules is not valid when it comes to some nightly species. If you have night fish, do not forget to give them food shortly before the light goes off. Also, there is an exception when it comes to feeding rules once a day.

Herb eating fish need more frequent feeding because they do not have large stomach capacity in which to store food. In nature, they will be wandering around the plants all day and biting. Give them a few small meals a day. Females and young fish that have not fully grown require more frequent feeding of specialized foods for them.


In the history of the goldfish, for example, special food prepared for its species hardly causes health problems if feeding schedule is followed strictly. the most practical rule is that you do not give them more food than they can eat in less than five minutes. When you’re in doubt, you better give them less, but more. In case you give them less, you can easily supplement it with a small meal if necessary. However, if given too much, unopened foods will produce particles that are dangerous to fish.

If you are given too much food, be sure to remove unpainted food with a siphon or net. And remember that not only the quantity but also the type of food is important.