Electrician duties

Electricians usually dispose, assemble, install, verify, repair and repair wires and electrical appliances, control devices and related equipment in buildings and other structures. They work for electrical contractors and in building and other facility maintenance services, or they may be self-employed.


Fields of interest

-Making, building, repairing and installing
-Testing or testing, controlling processes
-Work for themself
-Working manually

Main duties

-Electricians in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties:
– reading and interpreting circuit diagrams, circuit diagrams and descriptive specifications of the electricity code in order to determine the layout of wiring in various new or existing buildings;
– pass the cable through ducts and through walls and floors;
– install brackets and brackets on which electrical equipment is mounted;
– installing, replacing and repairing lighting devices and electrical control and distribution equipment, such as switches, relays and circuit breakers;
– splicing, joining and connecting cables to devices and components to establish circuits;
– conduct continuity tests to ensure compatibility and safety of the circuits, after installation, replacement or repair, using appropriate instruments;
– Troubleshoot and isolate faults in electrical and electronic systems, and remove and replace faulty components;
– connect the power supply to audio and audio-visual communication devices, signaling devices and heating and air-conditioning equipment;
– carry out preventive maintenance programs and maintain maintenance records.

These things are necessary to become a professional.  A good example of a professional company is this Little Rock electrician that we randomly chose.